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pillows - 0.2.1

Chris Hopp (fydo)



Originally created as an entry to the Pyweek 4 warm-up, pillows is an exciting â??save-the-worldâ? arcade game with a very unique premise! Features original soundtrack by JDruid!

OUR PLANET IS IN DANGER! An unknown aggressor has launched several nuclear warheads. Unfortunately, our only hope for survival is you. Youâ??re armed with an unusually large catapult and several ridiculously overstuffed pillows. The plan is to launch the pillows so they will land under the warheads and cushion the impact. Be quick, and remember â?Š only one pillow is enough to save Earth from certain doom!

If you're using the Win32 version, all you need is Windows! If you're not using the Win32 version, you will need to install these before running the game:
- Python 2.4+
- PyGame 1.7+

All game code is licensed under the GPL 2.0.
All game content, music and graphics are licensed under the Free Art License.


Some minor bug fixes that made the game more linux-friendly. Whatâ??s New: * High-score file now saves to userâ??s home directory * High-score entry via keyboard is much easier (can use alpha keys) * High-score entry now supports holding the up/down keys to scroll, as well as analog input from joystick * After the game is over, the high-score screen is viewed automatically


Home Page:


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pillows - 0.2.1 - Nov 15, 2007
pillows - 0.2 - Oct 9, 2007 account Comments

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