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Zelda love Candy - 0.1

Zelda tries to collect candies. He is crazy of candies. :)

Claude C. Kenny
Zelda tries to collect as many candies as he can. This is a complete game. Next version will be developed with some more difficult level. Use Arrow key to move player. Try to collect candy as many as possible. Try not to hit the bomb. Sorry for not putting the whole source code because I do not think anyone needs it. If I am wrong, please comment me and I will upload it. This is my first game hosting, so I am sorry for any inconvenience. KeyBoard: Arrow key to move player. Enter key to next in message box when in conversion. space key to confirm to start the level. Enter, space, or click to start the game the main screen. Escape in the main screen to exit the game. Escape in other place will get back one step. Escape or click in conversion no use. hint: If you think you are going to die, please hit Escape key so that your HP will restore. Warning: If I encounter with any of your graphic or sound copyright, please post a comment on and tell me some solution with that. Enjoy! :)



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Zelda love Candy 0.3 — 11 Jul, 2009

Zelda love Candy 0.1 — 20 Jun, 2009

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