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The Pirate Game - 1.0.1

THIS IS A DRINKING GAME. This is a digital version of a boardgame/drinking game the two members of Gadamagaska made up on a trip to Amsterdam. I made it into a python game over a duration of two days and it should be bug free now. I ofcause take no responsibility if anyone playing this game doesn't know when to stop drinking. Keep it fun :)

nezbo and Kristoffer L.B
THIS IS A DRINKING GAME. The basic rules are explained in the game and control of coins are handles therein. For a better understanding the complete ruleset are readable from the main menu (not necessary to play the game though). You win the game by having the most Whore Coins when all 5 have been won. You get one by entering harbour with atleast 5 Gold Coins. This might turn out to be useless information since it will take very long time to get 5 Whore Coins devided and you will terribly wasted before that happens. (We have, to date, not tried it) It is also worth knowing that a gold coin is worth two sips and a silver coin one. They are used when returning to harbour (to buy sips for your mates) and when burrying treasures on the island (center of the map). If you return to harbour directly or burry coins on the outer rim of the island the coins count double, that means 4 sips for a gold coin and 2 sips for a silver coin. Enjoy!


Updated the startup to not show the display before all players have been accepted. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to return silver coins when selecting coins to dig down on the treasure island. Fixed a bug that showed wrong icon (or crashed) when showing message from finding treasure on the island. Fixed a mistake where the central island was linked faultly to the outer map.


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