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Super Trivia Challenge

Super Trivia Challenge - 1.1

Andy Sommerville (aksommerville)



Up to 8 people can compete in a trivia game. Each player has one button (on keyboard, mice, or joypads) to buzz in with. It needs more questions and more player graphics to really be complete. A question-file editor is included (requires wxpython). You can very easily add your own questions and graphics. You can also perform set-up in a text file for fixed deployments (classroom, etc). Runs full-screen or windowed. Tested only in Ubuntu 7.10 w/ python 2.5, but it should work on any platform/py version.


Added a Mac-only questions editor (wxpython evidently doesn't get along well with OSX). Replaced calls to str.partition with str.split, for compatibility with python 2.4.


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Super Trivia Challenge - 1.1 - Nov 11, 2007
Super Trivia Challenge - 1.0 - Nov 9, 2007 account Comments

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February 17, 2008 10:54am - xlogik - nickname: (xlogik)
Great Game!
One thing you may want to implement in the next version is a way to import txt files with the '?' & 'A:' being the identifiers between Question and the Answers. This would make it less time consuming when adding new question & user friendly. Some other request would be: background music, one (player) image with animated flashing background and a like "jeopardy" theme.

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