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StillLife - 1.0

Tom Maran (tommy3244)



To create a animation: 1: Create a new zipped file. 2: Create a new folder(outside the ziped folder) called the following (without quotes): "tempdirmake-100025" 3: Enter tempdirmake-100025 4: create image files for the viewer to view: called 1.png, 2.png, 3.png ext. as high as you want to go in order from 1-yourend 5 : create a text file (not rich text or .doc) just .txt. 6: rename that file rt.txt pyt a decimal in it where that decimal * 2 would be the run time you want. nothing elts in the file:rt.txt 7:create a sound track:sound.wav, sound.mp3, sound.ogg, or sound.mpa(CURRENTLY NOT WORKING) 6: put the tempdirmake-100025 folder with all this in it inside the zipped folder. 7: rename the zipped folder .stl, .slv. .zip, , or .amz 8: run the program: will be attached within 5 days: an press l and open the file you created with it. more will be added to this program later.


The examples folder stinks ut in the build folder the program is StillLife.exe


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