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Space Domination - 0.3

Space Domination will be a cross-platform top-down scrolling spaceship shooter/adventure game.

Jami Couch
I plan for Space Domination to be an open-ended game in the sense that I'd like to provide a storyline myself, but leave it open for others to easily add their own custom missions and campaigns. For this reason, I have implemented many of the specific game assets in XML. Currently, the main game mechanics are in place while I build around these to create a fully functional, challenging, and fun platform. Furthermore, I would eventually love to add networked cooperative play.


Thanks everyone for trying out my game, Space Domination. It is my sincere hope that you have an enjoyable experience. New features in version 0.3: - Redesigned menu system - Profiles - More than one player flyable ship - Stat tracking Anyone interested in messing with some advanced features that haven't been fully implemented, you can go into and alter the FRAMERATE, the GAMESPEED, and PARALLAX: - FRAMERATE - this is exactly what it sounds like, the game will update this many times per second - GAMESPEED - this is how many times per second the physics should update 1 full unit - so if something had a speed of "1", it will move GAMESPEED number of pixels per second - PARALLAX - (experimental) set this to lower than 1.0 (~0.7 is a good number) and the background will scroll more slowly than the ship is moving, giving the illusion of depth Thanks, Jami Couch


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