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Simple Pygame Menu - 1.2

Gummbum (gummbum)



A low-fuss, infinitely nested popup menu for pygame. It don't get no simpler den dis.

Inspired by SimpleMenu for pyglet.

I couldn't find one of these for pygame, so I wrote one and decided to make it reusable. Hope you enjoy.


menu_data = (
    'Item 0',
    'Item 1',
        'Item 0',
        'Item 1',
        'Item 2',
            'More Things',
            'Item 0',
            'Item 1',
for e in pygame.event.get():
    if e.type == USEREVENT and e.code == 'MENU':
        print 'menu event: %s.%d: %s' % (,e.item_id,e.text)
        if (,e.text) == ('Main','Quit'):


  • Added class NonBlockingPopupMenu to simplify use.
  • Added exception handlers around "import data" and font initialization. If the cannot be imported, or the preferred font cannot be loaded from file, the default system font is quietly used. This supports less restrictive inclusion in other libraries.
  • Added pos=None parameter to constructors to provide the option of explicit positioning.
  • Added class SubmenuLabel for strong-typing of submenu text in menus. This allows PopupMenu.handle_events() to accurately detect submenus as opposed to the previous trick endswith('...'). It also lifts the restriction implied by depending on endswith('...'), so coders are free to put any text they want in labels without side-effects.
  • Tweaked demos.
  • Links

    Home Page:


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    Simple Pygame Menu - 1.2 - Dec 7, 2010
    Simple Pygame Menu - 1.0 - Dec 4, 2010 account Comments

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