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Python Super Stupid Space Invaders

Python Super Stupid Space Invaders - 0.2

Kurt Dekker (kurtdekker)



Wrote this to learn Python/PyGame, and now I think I know enough to be utterly dangerous with this language. ONWARD!!


Release notes for v0.2: - COLORS! Very VIOLENT colors!! - You can earn bonus ships now - Added more comments to the code, organized things a bit more - Meteor storms every other wave (experimenting with rotation) - Your shots collide with alien bombs - Two different types of alien bombs, fast and slow - Generalize keypress dispatch so canvases handle them.


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Python Super Stupid Space Invaders - 1.0 - Jan 28, 2007
Python Super Stupid Space Invaders - 0.2 - Jan 27, 2007
Python Super Stupid Space Invaders - 0.1 - Jan 25, 2007 account Comments

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January 29, 2007 5:35am - Kevin Dahlhausen - nickname: (kpd)
Thanks. Great idea removing one thing to focus on while learning.
January 28, 2007 4:54pm - Mystex - nickname: (mystex) - 3/5
nice game. continue to update, its starting to look intresting ;D
January 26, 2007 5:58pm - Kurt Dekker - nickname: (kurtdekker)
Regarding inc2py: I want to have a common codebase that I can use to quickly churn out games and game prototypes. I accomplish this by source-level librarization, rather than making formal Python modules. Perhaps I'll go to modules in the future, but for now I found them cumbersome when I was constantly changing and rearchitecting things as I learn how to best use Pygame.

I don't want to just take other folks' pre-made modules in their entirety, in that I don't want to skip the important "How do I organize this?" learning step.

So I have these "codeblocks" as they were, each a separate file checked into source control, and then the project itself is simply another codeblock specifying which order to include the other codeblocks in. My batch-run file combines them into to the single *.py file and that is the only thing I ever actually run. And that final output file is never checked in, just included in the distro.

Hope this explains it a bit. Later today I'll post 0.2 hopefully, with color and another mode of play, meteor storms, and a few other bugfixes and extensions.

And please... any and all feedback is welcome. Regarding the first comment and music, are you suggesting using I haven't taken a look in there yet but I will!
January 26, 2007 5:50am - Kevin Dahlhausen - nickname: (kpd)
Could you explain a bit your use of Did you translate this from C source?
January 26, 2007 5:29am - Kevin Dahlhausen - nickname: (kpd) - 4/5
Looks great! I thought I recognized your name! I remember the arcade clones for the PC you did. Good luck with python - it's a great language.
January 26, 2007 5:08am - Raden Muhammad Mu'az - nickname: (radenmuaz) - 3/5
Well, good game. But I prefer adding music.

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