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My first programming coursework. The task was to use Python to develop a multimedia, imaging or game program. For those of us doing games (read "just about everyone"), we were pointed towards Pygame. It's rather ugly, but I haven't had time to design any decent graphics for it, so it's all squares I'm afraid. I might release a version which is more interesting to look at if I don't think of something more interesting to work on. Works fine on OS X and Ubuntu. No reason for it to be anything but fine on Windows, but the text may be a bit off. Constructive criticism welcome, as I'm a novice to this. Just run to launch.


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Python Reversi - 1.0 - Dec 7, 2008 account Comments

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December 10, 2008 12:19am - Rene Dudfield - nickname: (illume)

nice one :)

I'd put a help screen in there. So it would display the how to play part in your readme. Maybe with the h) key.

Add some feedback for things. Like if the attempted move is invalid, maybe make an 'errrrr!' noise, and if good a 'bing!' noise. You could also visually show feedback for things. If you can think of a way to visually show why a move is not valid or not valid that would be cool too.


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