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Python Dotter - 1.0.0 (rc2)

Python clone of dotter game for mobile devices

Python Dotter is an open-source variation of one very addictive game for Android/iOS devices called Dotter. The first time I've seen that game on my HTC Desire I was really excited about its gameplay and spent about 3-4 hours playing it and trying to improve my own score. Not that long ago I've decided to implement it for PC using Python and pyGame. I hope you will like this game. Please, don't hesitate to write me your opinions and/or suggestions to my e-mail at [email protected] or leave them on pygame project's page :)

Tested on Windows and Linux. No windows binary available yet.

I would be very appreciated if someone could help me and test the game on mac. New versions are comming soon. see readme file for more details


What's new?

Collision system works very stable and precise now.

However the main feature of this version is server leaderboards so you can play it and see the global scores of other players.
Unfortunatelly global leadearboards work under windows only (you should start the .exe file). I've made this intentionally to avoid scores cheating by changing the source code.
I think I will invent something to make the source code version to be able to safely access global scores in one of the next releases.
Anyway even when running from the sources you can see the global scores but unable to participate in it.

Please note, that there is no waiting screen during getting scores from server and sending scores to the server, so it may seem that the game hangs for a little time after entering a name or trying to get the global leaderboards. Don't worry it is normal behaviour and don't try to interrupt this proccess.
The server I've found is free of charge PHP hosting therefor it doesn't work very fast. But it is better than nothing.

and other minor improvements...


Home Page


Python Dotter 1.0.0 (rc1) — 25 May, 2011

Python Dotter 1.0.0 (rc2_fix) — 10 Jun, 2011

Python Dotter 1.0.0 (rc2) — 8 Jun, 2011

Python Dotter 1.0 — 21 May, 2011 account Comments

  • vantheman 2011-05-22 00:14:05

    This game is awesome. Also, fuck the fact that you lose points when they collide. Fuck it. I was at 3k+ points, and went down to zero. Fuck everything about that.

    Also, awesome game!

    risboo 2011-05-22 00:49:19

    Thanks, for your comment. Please note that this is a first beta version, it is possible that I will adjust balance a little bit in future releases.

    I'm glad you liked it.

  • Ian Mallett 2011-05-26 20:08:24

    Very excellent game.  Might benefit from improved circle reactions (one of my (geometrian) projects has an example of this).  Also, I seem to have found a bug: if you place a dot in-between two other dots, so that all three are very very close together, then when they go off the screen, they crash.

    risboo 2011-05-26 21:24:06

    Thank you Ian. You right that circle reactions could be improved but this game is not something that tries to simulate real physics it just has pretty simple and basic collisions detection and reflection algorithms. I don't actually think it needs something more than that. Anyway, I've found your website ( to be very useful cuz it contains a lot of interesting python code examples and info.
    Thanks for finding a bug but despite all my tries I can't reproduce it :( Can you please clarify how often it appears or maybe there is something special I need to do during the gameplay?

    Ian Mallett 2011-05-26 22:57:33

    I don't know, it occurred several times (my record is like 3600 or so).  Basically, if there are two large dots, and there's just enough space between them for a small dot, when all three go off the screen, something will crash.  It has occurred every time I play the game . . . and to be honest, it's kind of a game-breaker.  Other than that, I really like this game!

    risboo 2011-05-27 11:27:46

    Okay thanks, will try to find and fix it

  • Reed 2011-08-03 16:38:55

    Wow this is really cool. I am actually the designer of the original Dotter game concept. Love that my creation has been opened sourced and is appreciated. I thought it was a fun game when I wrote it.

    risbooo6909 2011-08-06 00:59:23

    I'm really happy I've found my implementation good enough. Thanks

  • impactdni 2011-08-03 20:07:13

    Hey Rosboo,

    Original developer of Dotter on iOS and Android here, we're super excited to see it being ported to python!  Since you mentioned you hadn't tried it yet, I went ahead and checked to see if it runs on OSX, and it runs great on my machine here (Snow Leopard, python2.6 + pygame from Mac-Ports).  Great to see the game coming to more people :)

    - Dan
    - ChickenBrick Studios (http://www.chickenbrickstudios...)

    risboo6909 2011-08-05 14:50:29

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for a positive feedback and for testing the game on mac os! I'm really glad to hear it works fine there. I have plans to improve the game further, add replay, optimize performance and mb add some background music. I'm looking forward to implement this in near future but unfortunatelly I don't have much of free time for now.

  • Guest 2011-08-09 23:03:08

    The game freezes the mouse when attempting to upload high scores and my firewall pops up a notice asking if its ok.  Have to use the keyboard to navigate the windows and allow the connection.  I didn't try refusing it.

    risboo 2011-09-05 10:37:11

    Thanks, I'll try to figure out how to fix this issue