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Pyll Popper

A Dr. Mario clone written in Python using Pygame

michael bell
I wrote this in order to learn Pygame. Pardon my sloppy code. This is a very early version. Many features are missing and there are bound to be bugs. Feel free to help out, or just point out problems. You've probably played Dr. Mario. If you haven't, here's how it works. The game board is initialized with a bunch of colored germs. You try to eliminate all of the germs by throwing like colored pills at them. When 4 or more items (pills or germs) of the same color are next to one another in a row or column, all of the items are removed. Get rid of all germs to win. If you block the pill entrance you lose. Controls: - Move the pill left or right using the arrows - Rotate the pill clockwise and counter-clockwise using 'x' and 'z', respectively - Pause the game by pressing 'p' - Quit by pressing 'Esc' (or closing the game window) Features still to be implemented: - Speed variation (both by pressing down, and gradually with time) - Display improvements (level indication, next pill hint, score) - Difficulty selection screen (base speed and number of germs) - Auto-increase of difficulty upon level completion - Network multiplayer (some day)



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Pyll Popper 0.1 — 24 Jul, 2011 account Comments

  • josh 2013-05-10 02:12:46

    aw you need numpy installed t_t