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PyHalebarde - 0.1.2

Laurent Peuch (psycojoker)



An adaptation of "Halebarde et Gonfanon" in pygame. It's a small strategy game that could be a board game.

For now you have to play on the same computer but we plan in a not so long term to add an online support.
Having an AI would be a great but I am not experimented in that sort of things, but if you do and want to code one for the game contact me.

This game still lack some proper documentation but you can read the originals rule here (they are also avaible in french).

We use some graphismes of Wesnoth:

PyHalebarde support custom theme, we haven't write documentation about that but you can look in the theme directory to have an idea on howto made your one, it's not realy complicated.

Last version:
PPA are available here for debian-ubuntu pkg:
To download the upstream version "bzr branch" in a shell.

You will need pygame and python-gobject and python-json (for theme support) to run the game.

Thanks to Matej Drame we have a py2exe version. But it doesn't support multiplaye. URL:

We also have an irc chan on freenode if you have any questions: #pyhalebarde


I've miss to announce 0.1.1.

We've made a debian pkg, it's in the ppa:

pyhalebarde 0.1.2 (Grisette)
* Use optparse to parse the command line (LP #317881)
* No more magic numbers (LP #315890)
* now work with python 2.6 (LP #311418)
* change the process name for killall (LP #323559)
* rewrote the readme (now in reStructuredText)
* HTML readme
* lot of code cleaning
* all methad renamed following the Python convention

pyhalebarde 0.1.1 (Westmalle)
* Game is now translatable (LP #290105)
* French translation
* Code is split is severals files now (LP #290104)
* Fixed (LP #290106)
* Fixed desktop file comment (LP #290108)
* Created NEWS file (LP #288773)
* You need to move 4 units in the enemy base to win


Home Page:


click to view original size


PyHalebarde - 0.2 - Mar 15, 2009
PyHalebarde - 0.1.2 - Feb 2, 2009
PyHalebarde - 0.1 "Kriek" - Oct 29, 2008 account Comments

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February 4, 2009 12:51pm - Max Power - nickname: (paolo)
I recommend Ian's Mastermind-libary, too. It's just great and pretty easy to use
February 2, 2009 5:41pm - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
For online, I suggest my networking library, Mastermind, which supports TCP and UDP protocols (you probably want TCP) and includes examples and documentation. It's not thread based and very fast.
February 2, 2009 5:10pm - Laurent Peuch - nickname: (psycojoker)
Skizzaltix Zaxali: we already credit wesnoth in our README but I well add a credit here to.

Anon: thanx for your suggestion but we've planed to use the d-tube include in telepathy for our online (
October 30, 2008 12:30pm - Skizzaltix Zaxali - nickname: (skizzaltix)
Neat looking game!
Just a thought--Might be a good idea to credit the <a href="">Wesnoth</a> folks for the sprites. You don't <i>have</i> to, but courtesy counts, right? ;)
October 29, 2008 11:47pm - Anonymous - nickname: (pywiz32)
to do online, look at the source for battleship. 0.1a has the networking fully finished. I will probably post an example on how to do simple networking threading sometime soon.

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