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Pumpkin Pete

Pumpkin Pete - 1.0

Joshua Skelton (joshua)



Pumpkin Pete is a young pumpkin. While out collecting candy during halloween, the League of Really Evil Pumpkins tries to stop Pumpkin Pete. How much candy can Pumpkin Pete collect before the League of Really Evil Pumpkins get him? Pumpkin Pete was developed in five-or-so days, spread out across three weeks. This is a side scrolling, one button, free video game. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed making it!


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Pumpkin Pete - 1.0 - Nov 2, 2007 account Comments

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February 21, 2008 10:00am - karauma - nickname: (karauma)
Cool. ^^
Yeah, Inkscape is a really nifty program.
I've always used the gimp for my photoshop needs though.

January 6, 2008 8:06pm - Joshua Skelton - nickname: (joshua)
Yes, the art was done almost entirely in Inkscape. Towards the end of development we wanted a few more kinds enemies so I used Photoshop to hue shift the jack-o-lantern.
December 18, 2007 1:58pm - karauma - nickname: (karauma) - 5/5
was the art for this done in Inkscape?
December 1, 2007 8:00pm - pymike - nickname: (pymike) - 3/5
Beautiful graphics and menus. Gameplay is a bit boring though.

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