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Overhead Shooter

A top-down shooter, ala Gatling Gears

It's my first game with my PyGame, hopefully it'll turn out!



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Overhead Shooter — 5 Mar, 2012 account Comments

  • Paul Paterson 2012-03-06 04:05:58

    Looks like you are making good progress. I'm working on a similar game and some things you may find useful based on your blog posts,

    - Your angle issues might be helped by using the Vec2d implementation from pymunk This implements a number of useful geometric functions and in particular does all the right kind of things for angle manipulation, which can be a bit tricky.
    - For AI it looks like you considered going with an underlying grid. This worked well for me and allowed me to use the networkx ( library for pathfinding. This is fast and flexible. 
    - For shooting based on line-of-sight, the Vec2d library above is useful because you can easily use get_angle_between and get_distance to work out if your enemies can see the player and then decide on which angle to shoot at. The API reference is here
    - In your blog posts you mentioned more general physics for particle simulation. The pymunk library is very powerful.

    Looking forward to seeing how your game progresses.