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Opossum Engine

Opossum Engine - 0.1

Bradley Zeis (bradzeis)



Opossum is an advanced 2d game engine that puts the focus on the creation of content instead of the mechanics of the engine.

Development has stopped and the project is being rewritten as Flamingo. The goal to create a faster, cleaner, easier to understand engine.

This version includes a Testbed to show off what's currently possible with Opossum and a mostly functional MapEditor (it is possible to create and test maps). The CharacterBuilder has been started, but it is not even close to done. Some parts of the engine are documented with docstrings, though much of it isn't. Feel free to work on this, though I am going to focus all of my attention on Flamingo. I will NOT fix and bugs, so if this doesn't work for you, you're out of luck.

This requires the newest version of pygame and pybox2d.

For more updates on Flamingo, visit the Dev Log.


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Opossum Engine - 0.1 - Nov 25, 2009 account Comments

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November 27, 2009 2:26pm - Ivalice Fan - nickname: (ico)
Hope it gets released soon. Would save me the time and frustration of trying to make my game.

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