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Mechanical Failure

Search a dangerous city to try and find the thief who stole your wallet.

Bailey Mihajlich


    •Top-down action/adventure gameplay

    •Retro "8-bit" style graphics

    •Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac


    •Python 2.7 or newer (not Python 3!)

    •PyGame 1.9.1 or newer

Development Info:

This is the first game I have made, it is for an open source class I took Summer 2012 at PSU.  The game itself is short because I ran out of time for development, but if people enjoy it I could add more levels and a longer storyline.

    •Primary language: Python

    •Primary tool: pygame

Download, unzip it, and start with the README



Home Page


Mechanical Failure Alpha 1.0 — 8 Aug, 2012 account Comments

  • MichaelPearson 2012-10-24 13:51:54

    looks good