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Magical Boutique

Magical Boutique - 1.1

Giorel Del Rosario (dafool)



Having just inherited a shop from your late grandfather, it is now up to you to manage its day to day operations. Send your employees to gather ingredients or brew potions. Pay them a salary or give them a day off. Keep track of how each potion sells so you can keep up with demand. You might be able to discover a new potion or two while you deal with unexpected events! Please download by going to the webpage...linux distro is included.


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Magical Boutique - 1.1 - Mar 27, 2007 account Comments

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March 29, 2007 12:57pm - HorstJENS - nickname: (horst) - 5/5
Very sweet
March 28, 2007 10:32pm - patrick mullen - nickname: (saluk) - 4/5
Very fun, I like the balance between the simulation elements and the story. In some ways it reminds me of one of the first sim games I ever played - lemonade stand. The art is very nice, although the dialogue is a bit awkward at times.

Nice job, I enjoyed it.

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