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Kitty Vacuum Dodge! - 0.2

You're a cat in a house full of vacuums. You have no idea why there are so many, but you hate them all. Avoid the vacuums!

Space to jump
Esc to exit

You have 9 lives, each time you are hit, you lose one.

This is my first game using pygame, and first upload, which is currently a work in progress. Put together in about a night, I haven't done much polishing because I'm excited to get it up!




  • Fixed bug that prevented game from shutting down correctly.
  • Gave Kitty a bit of "airtime" to make jumping feel more natural.
  • Slightly decreased the size of hit boxes for all objects.
  • Increased the speed of vacuums slightly.
  • Updated the hud to have a new, more easily readable font.
  • In preparation for gamestates, and progessing levels, added a hud element to display the current level at the start.
Known Issues:
  • If Kitty is hit by a vacuum while facing the opposite direction, his directional orientation will be reversed when placed back in starting position.
  • Life counter will count backwards indefinitely after using your final life.



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Kitty Vacuum Dodge! 0.2 — 5 Sep, 2012

Kitty Vacuum Dodge! 0.1 — 4 Sep, 2012

Kitty Vacuum Dodge! 0.6 — 9 Sep, 2012 account Comments

  • Angello Maggio 2012-11-08 23:14:02

    Nice idea. I tried it and your cat goes off the screen when you go too far into that direction. Also it takes forever for a vacuum to appear. Keep trying tho!

  • Cristian 2012-11-24 00:43:37

    If you go with the cat outside the right edge you've escaped those scary vacuums for an indefinite number of levels :)
    Also, I think movement on the whole floor (so also some up / down) would be very welcome.
    Nice job so far!

  • Llortus 2013-01-26 00:07:23

    Thanks for the info guys, the fact that you can move outside of the screen bounds was a pretty big oversight on my part. I will definitely fix this the next time I'm working on the project, as well as taking general gameplay feedback into consideration.