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You are an anonymous trainee in an anonymous big company. You have to make coffees for you colleagues. Select coins to have the correct sum of money, get sugar lumps, grab coffee spoons and reunite aspirin pills.

There are 3 game modes : normal, "coffee spoons" and "aspirins". There are also tutorials for each of these modes, in english and french.

I made executable files for Windows and Mac OSX. The source code, the images and all the ideas I had about game mechanisms and scenario are in my github repository.

I will not finish this game. I have tons of other projects to finish and tons to start. If you want a complete game, just steal my ideas and do it yourself !

Free Art License or CC-BY

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Bitcoin (BTC) : 12wF4PWLeVAoaU1ozD1cnQprSiKr6dYW1G
Litecoin (LTC) : LQfceQahHPwXS9ByKF8NtdT4TJeQoDWTaF
Dogecoin () : DKQUVP7on5K6stnLffKp3mHJor3nzYTLnS
Next (NXT) : 12693681966999686910

Bon caf !


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