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Ishara TCG

Ishara TCG - 0.3

Barry (isharacomix)



In my many searches on the internet, I've never found ANY free-and-open-source Trading Card Game-like programs. So that, along with a nostalgia frenzy, inspired me to remake my old one.

The Ishara TCG is a very simple trading card game that I made back in middle school. There's a half-finished manual in the download, but it's probably simple enough that you could jump right in and play it.

Requires Python >=2.5 and Pygame >=1.8


With version 3 comes a full prototype of the networking system (thanks to Geometrian and MasterMind), with full-featured account storage, chatting, asynchronous games, etc. I wanted to get another version of the game out before I went home for summer vacation, and I've a lot of additional features that I want to include in the program.

If you want to play a local game against the computer, then leave the server field blank when registering your account. You can also run an instance of the program and connect to the localhost. You can even boot it up on a local network and try to run games like that.

I haven't had a chance to test it rigorously, so if anyone gets any errors or has any ideas for the project, I'd appreciate them. So with that, enjoy!


Home Page:


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Ishara TCG - 0.4 - May 6, 2009
Ishara TCG - 0.3 - Apr 30, 2009
Ishara TCG - 0.2 - Apr 26, 2009
Ishara TCG - 0.1 - Apr 21, 2009 account Comments

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April 21, 2009 6:03pm - Jordan Trudgett - nickname: (tgfcoder)
Good on you! I hope this turns out to be an enjoyable TCG. I don't have a chance to try it out right now, but I probably will later (maybe when there's more playability?) ^_^

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