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Multiplayer game platform.

maxime phan
The GameLAN project is articulated around tools which allow to play 2D or 3D video games in solo or multiplayer. 4 multiplayer games available right now (Tetris like game, Heroic fantaisy tactic game, checkers game and gomoku game). All these game are made with pygame. GAMERS MEETING EVERY SUNDAY !! Multiplayer games of TetrisLAN, TacticLAN, Gomoku No Ken and CheckersLAN are planned at 10h00 AM (New York time), 3h00 PM (Paris time), 11h00 PM (Tokyo time). So get ready to play and see you on sunday on our GameLAN games servers! Enjoy our new GameLAN Teaser!



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GameLAN 0.9.6 — 20 Oct, 2006 account Comments