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GIFImage - 0.9c

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This library provides functionality to load and play GIF animations in pygame.
Also provided are ways to manipulate the animation playback, by setting regions to play, reversing etc.

ATM there is a potential bug where some gif's may not have their palette's set correctly (either some/all frames will be completely black, or they will be jarbled)
If you encounter this, please post here, with a link to the gif (if possible)

Also note, the gifs included are not mine, the football one was a free one from some site, and the hulk is from a tutorial I found on using PIL gifs.

Requires PIL.


Added a bunch of new images (got these from google and various free emoticon sites, will replace later...) and got all but one to work. The one that won't work I have no clue how to handle, as PIL's gif-player example won't even play any of these gifs really well - and this one it does the exact same thing on (it is the violin one, it has no palette and won't animate). Anyone who would like to try and figure out what is going on here would be really appreciated :)


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GIFImage - 0.9c - Feb 13, 2009
GIFImage - 0.9b - Feb 13, 2009
GIFImage - 0.9a - Feb 13, 2009 account Comments

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