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Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel - 1.0

Arcady 2D real-time tactics game

Nathan Franck
*Flash Tactics* is an arcady 2D real-time tactics game. It's meant to be very simple while allowing the player to use common-sense tactics. Command 3 UN tanks in a 15 minute coffee break battle against the Russians!

In-game confusion? Please read the README.exe! With the exploration into a new genre comes a learning curve!


The final finished version of Flash Tactics.

Requires 7zip to extract. 11 MB of nerve shredding action.

- 7 levels
- Smooth sound
- Psychological and political intrigue...
- Visual help and very helpful README.txt to lessen learning curve
- explosions and slow motion!

Hope you like it.

*If some genius could turn my .py file into an independent .exe and email it to, I would REALLY appreciate it. (Someone could just point me in the direction of a really easy .py to .exe converter and I would be happy as well)


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Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel 0.5.5 — 2 Jul, 2009

Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel 0.5 — 23 Jun, 2009

Flash Tactics: Vacant Steel 1.0 — 2 Nov, 2009 account Comments