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Extreme Pong .9.5.0

Extreme Pong .9.5.0 - 0.91

Chase and Alex (silacron)



It is like a traditional pong game, but with a twist! It has four paddles! It is EXTREME PONG!!!!! It is one of the most interesting pong games to play. It takes a little practice, but you get the hang of it. *INSTRUCTIONS* You move the paddles by using the arrow keys. The two paddles that you have are the left hand side and the top. To launch the ball, you use the space bar.


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Extreme Pong .9.5.0 - 0.91 - May 1, 2007 account Comments

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December 12, 2007 7:50pm - Chase and Alex - nickname: (silacron)
Sorry for the late response Chris, I myself am more of a Linux guy myself, instead of telling you how to make a .exe step by step, here is a link to a website that might help, hope it helps, by the way you don't install python programs, you go to their directory and then type python "program_name".py and then enter and thats it, for any more specific answers comment back or email me at, thanx!
October 25, 2007 5:56am - Chris - nickname: (chrisnpython)

I have a question: if i edit a game made in python (.py) how do i make it an .exe file..? (im new to progamming, just began learning python for 5 days ago)
May 6, 2007 8:57am - Henning von Bargen - nickname: (hvb) - 5/5
One of the most innovative games ever ;-)

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