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Easy Python - 1.2

Easy Python is a module I'm writing with python and pygame to make python and pygame the best languages out there.

David Jones
Easy python is an easy way to have file handling, and making pygame windows. That is all at the moment but more will be coming, if you try to run the different files in it, then it will come up with all the function it can do in that file.

The screenshot uses images that come with the package.

Note to all: I have now put some tutorials for easypython on the website.

To get the latest development version of it go to here. Although you must bear in mind that it will not always work. If it doesn't work try downloading the same folder again in a hour or so.
When they are finished, then I will upload them to the pygame site.


* Now able to change the program icon.
* I noticed that before it automatically created a window when you imported it, I've stopped that now.


Do not use the bgimage function since that crashes everything from memory. Some problem accessing the pygame.surface, hang on, it does work, but it flickers, I'm trying to stop that so be careful.


Home Page


Easy Python 1.0 — 30 May, 2007

Easy Python 2.6 — 13 Jul, 2007

Easy Python 2.0 — 3 Jun, 2007

Easy Python 1.2 — 3 Jun, 2007

Easy Python 2.5 — 12 Jul, 2007 account Comments