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Dice Wars Enhanced - same as before

It is a clone of

It is a clone of It is enhanced in the sense that it is multitplayable now. At the moment only at one computer, but I plan to extend it with an network interface so you can play on a LAN network. It is still under development, but yet playable.


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Dice Wars Enhanced rev167 — 9 Aug, 2007

Dice Wars Enhanced same as before — 12 Oct, 2008

Dice Wars Enhanced rev171 — 24 Apr, 2013 account Comments

  • leganto 2013-04-23 19:26:38

    I can't get this to work. Windows 7 python 2.7 with pygame. App starts...but all countries only have 1 army...and can't do anything. Suggestions?

    leganto 2013-04-26 17:37:44

    Version rev171 works. Very nice.

  • Sabyching 2013-04-27 02:15:09

    right click passes turn i think? I dont know. All territories started with 1 army. so i hit right click a few times to get some armies while the AI took some territories, and then was able to play. Good job though.