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Conway's Life

I did a Conway's Life program with some nice feature :)

Jimmy Beaudoin

If you want to change the size of de grid just go to te line #40 and put what size you want... But don't go over 150x150 it's very slow..

The GUI librairy is Tygame (include in the program):

But I did all the image of the GUI.

I find this site for all (157) patterns include in the game:

For Python 3.X



Home Page


Conway's Life 1.0.0 — 18 Aug, 2013 account Comments

  • Mekire 2013-08-19 09:32:21

    Pretty nice. The previews for the patterns are very nice.
    I wrote something similar a couple years back.
    The code is pretty dated and terrible but check it out if you want:


    WoofWoofDude 2013-09-01 19:40:11

    Thanks, I looked a little bit your code and yes it's terrible xD

    We have the same problem: performance :/
    I think for this game Hashlife is a must... Or we need the help of the graphics card. I tried it with C++/Cuda and it's work fine ! :) but i'm too lazy to make an GUI with SFML :P