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An ant simulation game involving user interaction.

Jonathan Redeker

Colony is an opensource two-dimensional game developed in Python and Pygame as an educational learning experience by Jonathan Redeker. Ants spawn and live in their colony breeding, feeding, and hoping they will not die of disease. The user plays as a god destroying their colony with different skills depicted by their "player points". Colony is compiled with PyInstaller and the music and sound effects were created by lunarfox (,


Kill all of the ants before they take over. You will lose once thier number reachs 300.

How to play:

Click a skill to use and hover over the ants to use the desired effect.


M - Mutes game music

ESC - Pauses the game while in game and exit while on the title screen

P - Pauses the game



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Colony 1.9 Alpha — 21 Dec, 2011 account Comments