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Coffeeworlds - 0.2

Duncan Hawthorne (duncanhawthorne)



To Run:

  • Run python
  • Run python
The server can be run on a remote machine specified in the "connect" function in Requires pygame 1.8.1


(New *)
  • Walking, jumping, hooking, shooting.
  • Pistol, Cannon, Laser, Saber, Suicide Clone *
  • Scalable players and gameplay to fit the scale.
  • Collision detection based on pixel colours to allow freehand drawn maps.
  • Physics based on forces and absolute velocities.
  • Hearts to gain more health
  • Network connectivity using Mastermind allowing as many players as required.
  • Capture the flag *
  • Destroyable environment *
  • Colorscheme to represent health and points *
  • Sound effects *

Things to play with:

  • Blurring *
  • Artificial intelligence bots (experimental) *
  • Multiple Maps *
  • Sounds *
  • Colorscheme *


  • Teeworlds My original inspiration
  • Mastermind Networking


    Home Page:


    click to view original size


    Coffeeworlds - 0.2 - Nov 2, 2008
    Coffeeworlds - 0.1 - Sep 14, 2008 account Comments

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    November 3, 2008 8:09am - Duncan Hawthorne - nickname: (duncanhawthorne)
    horst: It has physical meaning. Getting bigger means you can move quicker, you can shoot further, and your bullets are more powerful (as what matters is the proportional size of the bullet to what it hits). But it also means that the hearts are less valuable (as the heart is smaller in proportion to you), that you cant maneuver through small places in the map as easily, and that you are a bigger target for enemy fire.

    btw, I put 0.2.1 on my googlecode page, with "f" to switch between fullscreen and not, and with a nice resizable window
    November 3, 2008 1:27am - HorstJENS - nickname: (horst) - 3/5
    promising game. I was able to play, shoot and jump.
    what ist the meaning of increasing the sprite size (key w/s) ?
    November 2, 2008 2:51pm - Duncan Hawthorne - nickname: (duncanhawthorne)
    pymike: I updated the description to show what's new.

    geometrian: Ok. I'll make a small update with a fullscreen fix soon (unless anything else appears broken).
    By the way, thank you very much for your help with the networking, everything appears to be working smoothly now.
    November 2, 2008 11:29am - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
    Nice work on this. I would just say that making the screen as big as the user's screen is awkward. I recommend either adding a FULLSCREEN flag or making a much smaller windowed version.
    November 2, 2008 8:56am - pymike - nickname: (pymike)
    What's new in this version?

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