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Bub-n-Bros - 1.2.1

Armin Rigo (arigo)



A remake of the classic Bubble Bobble games, where players cooperate to kill monsters by shooting bubbles at them, and then compete to collect the most points. Features 1 to 10 players -- the best fun is with at least 3 players! Over-the-network game and/or up to 3 players on the same computer. Completely original crazy bonuses! Capture other players in a bubble! New levels, including a random level generator!


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Bub-n-Bros - 1.6.2 - Dec 10, 2013
Bub-n-Bros - 1.6 - Sep 8, 2007
Bub-n-Bros - 1.2.1 - Oct 30, 2003 account Comments

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September 9, 2007 8:05am - oOJINxOo - nickname: (oojinxoo) - 5/5
Amazing, absolutely amazing.
used to play this game as a kid, but this is MUCH MUCH BETTER.
all the added little quirck make this feel like a much more full and complete game.

August 14, 2006 9:49pm - Anonymous - nickname: () - 5/5
This is really awesome.

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