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Josh Bartlett — pygame Artist in Residence — 11 Oct, 2018

The pygame Artist in Residence grant celebrates the Python arts community and lends a tiny bit of support to someones art practice. Josh Bartlett is the first recipient.

An artist residency usually works something like; a person spends some time in either a gallery making something to present or in a music club doing a weekly spot. The pygame artist in residence will do it in their own space, but be present on the top of the pygame website in the form of a thumbnail and a link to their patreon/blog/artist statement/website/whatever.

Josh Bartlett who has shared with us some things of what he's been up to. Please see the pygame artist in residence profile page for more info.

Also, Josh is blogging, so you can read about him and some updates on his work there.

ps. Thank you to everyone who applied, and those who helped with selection. Hopefully the next one will go more smoothly as the process is improved.