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Sheep Wars

A simple 3D action-strategy game where you build cannons and try to break the sheep pen of an opposing farmer.

Forest Patrol

Forest Patrol is an RTS in which you try to take over the lands and vassals of other lords in a bid for claiming kingship.

20,000 Light Years Into Space

"20,000 Light Years Into Space" is a single-player real-time strategy game with a "Steampunk" sci-fi theme.


Engage is a turn-based fleet combat simulator based on the Star Trek universe and the 80s console game Begin.

Soccer Game

A simple soccer action/strategy game controlled by your mouse.

Puzzle of Pipes

An invigorating new twist on the classic "15 Squares Game", with fast-paced excitement and variable difficulty.

Life Fighter

A PyGame Game of Life inspired strategy game.

Search for the Red Herring

A seek and destroy game created for pyweek 3.


Simple game. Not simple to create though (atleast for me)

Mech Revolution

A strategy game with robots modelled after the Fire Emblem series.

togo5 project

A most inefficient engine (for commercial standards) that by virtue of its inception contains many useful functions and classes by which one might allow their imagination to take hold and grow...

Rule the Realm

An RPG that takes place in a medievil realm, where magic and monsters are everywhere. Many skills to help aid you in your quest rule the realm.

Whispers in the Void

You are a space marine serving aboard the Executor class battleship 'Berzerk'. In the course of testing new jump-drive technology, an accident has occured. You must explore the ship to discover the truth.

Rising Snowflake

Sidescrolling multiplayer tactical fighting game.

Ethelion:The Legends

ETL Is based on the first book in the series, (Shadows of the Moon,) And is currently under developement.

Up up and away

A funny little simulation involving little people trying to build a spaceship while their planet is running out of oxygen.


a little casual game

Dice Wars Enhanced

It is a clone of


A 2d squad combat game, inspired by the classic Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels. Lead a team of heavily-armoured commandoes into the depths of an infested spaceship.


A turn based war strategy game. You can design your own levels with the map editor.


Go-Mo-Cult is a implementation of the classic board game Gomoku (also known as "five in a row").

ox king - square domination game

Game where you try to dominate more squares than opponent for 10 rounds after placing all 12 pieces.


A programming game where you have to write an AI to play in chess style games


Hey everyone! This is my first pygame/python project and I had a lot of fun making this game!

Shooty my Booty

My first pygame app. Its simple, you shoot to get health, ammo, and a bad guy's booty! Simple, but yet addicting...


Affliction is a computer game where you fight 4 epidemics to save humanity.

Mech Duel

Pilot giant robots.


Isometric engine for a future transport sim game (think Simutrans, or Transport Tycoon)

Crazy Atropos

Manage your Orange empire of Greece through the lives of others! Promote those who think like you, and condemn those who do not suit your master plan.