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Up up and away

A funny little simulation involving little people trying to build a spaceship while their planet is running out of oxygen.

patrick mullen
This is a simple strategy game with limited control, viewed from the side. You determine what jobs you want to train your citizens as, and then put them into away parties to send them on missions. Hopefully the away teams bring back enough valuable resources to finish the ship before the oxygen supplies vanish for good. The (somewhat illogical) idea is they will find another planet that has oxygen and survive. This was my entry for Pyweek # 4. As with most of the games I work on, there is a lot of room for improvement, and some of the additions I would like to add wouldn't be very hard, but for the most part I've moved on. (Site down, will either put it back up or put up a mirror for the archive soon)



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Up up and away 0.99 — 14 Nov, 2007 account Comments