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Disc Warriors

An RPG game based off of the game Megaman Battle Network. But, taken in a different direction.

The world is unknowing of a new age of technological advances in a vast island in the Bermuda Triangle. In this country, the most advanced thing is the E-World. It's an electronic world that people can actually travel to. You can live, eat, and breathe there. To do this though, you need a Desyn, and a Runner. A Desyn is an electronic being that you use to go into the E-World by merging with them to give you the strength to go around and fight of bugs or bullies. A Runner is the device that holds the Desyn while you are in the real world, holds your discs, and transports you through the two worlds.



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Disc Warriors .0.3.5 — 16 May, 2009

Disc Warriors .0.4.0 — 5 Jun, 2009 account Comments