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Nelly's Rooftop Garden

A physics-based puzzle game written for PyWeek 2.


pyAwale is a pure Python implementation of the Ivory Coast rules for Awale.


Simple Othello program. Play against computer or comp x comp or human x human.

Flood It !

flood it !

Mega Man 2: Puzzle Attack

For fans of the old-school Mega Man games.


Puzzle game like sokoban or boxworld


A cute sokoban clone with fancy graphics and sound.

Flood It

Flood It

Puzzle of Pipes

An invigorating new twist on the classic "15 Squares Game", with fast-paced excitement and variable difficulty.


"Alchemy: In search of the Philosopher's Stone" is a fantasy "match three" puzzle game.


A challenging game about oil and pipelines

Jigsaw Puzzle

A simple Jigsaw Puzzle game.


A simple tetris game with difficult levels, combos, and some particle/image effects.

Funny Clown

This a puzzle game.

Funny Clown

This is puzzle game.


A simple puzzle game.


Hey everyone! This is my first pygame/python project and I had a lot of fun making this game!

The House 2

A direct sequel to "The House", now you must get out of the ghost town that the house is in.

The House

Use whatever you can that is at your disposal to escape...the house!


Simple example of the "snake" game used to start learning pygame and python programming.


Cells is a logic puzzle adapted from Dr. Mark Goadrich's 'Cell Management' PiecePack game. It includes 7 levels of varying difficulty. Every game is different.

Rubik's Cube Game

3D Rubik's Cube game with "solve" function.


simple pygame version of the same game

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Game

Bell Runner

Help Brother Albert, apprentice bellringer, ring the bells in the right order.

Snot II: The Rubberland [Android]

Android port of my old hardcore puzzle platformer, written in Python/PyGame/PGS4A. Now with 15 levels and a lot of new cool stuff. Really playable. Really hard. Really free.


A clone of the logic puzzle Hashi, aka Bridges or Hashiwokakeru


A fun but challenging puzzle game.


tetris in byte-crunching mode.725 bytes

The Primezator 42953

Block-pushing puzzle game with a number twist.

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