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Slipslide 2

An exciting puzzle game with twenty five unique levels and an epic storyline.

The sequel to a game I did a year or so ago, Slipslide 2 is a simple puzzle game where the goal in each level is to get to the exit by sliding between obstacles. When you start moving in a certain direction, you can't stop or change direction until you hit an obstacle or a wall. And to add to the difficulty, some levels have holes in the ground which make you restart the level if you fall into them. There will be twenty-five different levels, all linked by a story that sees the main character trying to get to an ice-dancing competition in Antarctica. As well as this, there will be a level editor included that lets you easily create your own game levels.



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Slipslide 2 0.6 — 22 Jan, 2008

Slipslide 2 0.5 — 19 Jan, 2008

Slipslide 2 0.67 — 11 Feb, 2008 account Comments