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Cells is a logic puzzle adapted from Dr. Mark Goadrich's 'Cell Management' PiecePack game. It includes 7 levels of varying difficulty. Every game is different.

Nolan Baker
Aliens have abducted 2 of each species they could find, and locked them in cells. The cells are escapable, but you must use teamwork to get them out. Each round, you will choose who will first attract the guards by clicking on that cell. Guards will start their examinations in that cell, then examine each cell clockwise. When examined, a species could try to escape. The guards will then search the secret hideouts for attempted escapes. After the guards have visited all cells once and exited, you have the choice to return any escaped prisoners to their hideout location by clicking on the individual prisoners in the center. Keep taking turns until there is one of each captive species in the central Escape Area. To escape from a cell adjacent to a red hidout, it must be empty. To escape from a cell adjacent to a black hideout, it must be occupied. Here's a short clip of me playing the first two levels:



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Cells 2.0 — 23 Sep, 2008 account Comments