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Basic Computer Vision in Python. Using Pygame, Scipy and Opencv.


Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software.

Game of Life (Juego de la Vida)

Game of Life es un simulador de automata celular

Batalla Espacial

Nombre: Batalla Espacial. Nombre Interno: NavesDemo. Lang: Spanish - Español Fecha: 26 Marzo de 2009. Version: 0.1.3 (Demo-Final) Autor: Ricardo D. Quiroga -> L2Radamanthys Email:, Sitio Web: - - Licencia: Este Juego esta bajo la licencia GPL3 para mas info lea el archivo "licence.txt" Descripcion: Simple Demo de un Juego de naves desarrollado en Python usando PyGame... Testeado en: GNU/Linux Distriucion: -Debian -Ubuntu MS. Windows: -98 -2000 -XP No testeado en: -Mac OS -Open BSD -Open Solaris -S60 Requerimientos: Python 2.4.x o superior PyGame 1.7.x o superior Creditos: -Los Sprites pertenecen a la libreria de sprites de Ari Feldman -No recuerdo el dueño de los sonidos que use.. Consideraciones: Esta es posiblemente la primera y ultima version de este juego que es publicada ya que solo cumple el proposito de servir como una demostracion de como programar juegos. Y por que ademas la web esta llena de juegos de este tipo por lo que no veo motivos de continuar su desarrollo.


Language-agnostic framework to run battles of robots


A multi player research game for multitouch tables.


Mine*raft-like game written in pygame, pyopengl, cython, c

Prodigy Notepad

A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.

Prodigy Game Engine

A 2D Game Engine Made On Top Of Pygame. Very Easy To Use And Good For Making RPGS And Arcade games.


2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.

PyGame Text Utilities

PyGame Text Utilities is a package that will allow PyGame developers to easily implement text-based systems into their PyGame programs. This includes the formatting and layout of text, advanced text layout, and the ease of creating interactive text functions such as menus and on-screen displays. Text Tools will allow developers to present their users with dialog and information in a systematic and simplified way.

Prodigy Processor Piano

Processor Piano Is A Useful And Fun Utility For Producing Sounds Using Your PC's Internal Sound Chip Without Speakers


MapEditor es una sencilla pero completa api para diseño de mapas aunque el codigo soporta multicapa, el editor por el momento solo modificara la primera.

Prodigy Hangman 1.0



A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.

Wizards Magic

Cross-platform card strategy Wizards Magic.

Urh Dungeon

Simple RPG game made to learn pygame.

Python Farm game

Python Farm game writed in pygame

Zombie Dance

Jump on your dance mat to step on hungry zombies and push them back to ground.

Anikom15's Computer Game

Quickly written quirky shooter.

Last Hope

A little game made on Pygame to a little contest.


A free, cross-platform emulator for the GW-BASIC family of interpreters.


An arcade game where the object is to clear away the blocks on the screen by hitting them with the ball, controlled by four paddles on each side of the screen, without letting the ball leave the screen.

Kitten Command

A simple arcade shooter game starring Mario enemies.


DonkeyPy is a remake of Donkey.bas.


Pygame typesetting library


An open source topdown car game fully written with Python and Pygame.


A puzzle game where you fill a board with colors using only knight movements. It's a clone of the game troyis.

Games Pit

A minigames collection for children and a framework to start programming simple games.

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