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PyGame Text Utilities

PyGame Text Utilities is a package that will allow PyGame developers to easily implement text-based systems into their PyGame programs. This includes the formatting and layout of text, advanced text layout, and the ease of creating interactive text functions such as menus and on-screen displays. Text Tools will allow developers to present their users with dialog and information in a systematic and simplified way.

Westley Marti­nez
What's Done: FontFamily Class, Display Class, Fade in/fade out w/ per-pixel alpha, psuedo-blur/pixelate. See pgtu-tester for examples. Requires Python 2.x and NumPy



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  • xinmingzhang 2017-03-12 05:54

    The link given here is broken so this library is of no use to anyone.
  • Diliup G 2017-03-12 13:14

    dead link! :(