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Keep the ball in the air!

Georg's Melon Adventure - Part 1

When the melons of the world are stolen, Georg must go on a quest to save the worldâ??s melons supply. Collect watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews (and various other items) as you battle your way through maze-like levels, spitting seeds at enemies. This side-scrolling game features all original graphics plus an original soundtrack sure to drive you bonkers.

Space Shooter

A scrolling arcade shooter using python and pygame.

SAT Dash

It seems that your task as a generic green alien on active duty is to destroy satellites orbiting Earth! Destroy as much as you can within the time limit.


Dodge the bombs while listening to some good music.


Platformer in which you use spells to attack.

Colours chains

A arcade action puzzle.


Move your wizard around, feed kids with healthy food, avoid unhealthy food.

Missile Master

A fun game where you defend your base from waves of oncoming attackers.

Ghost Project

multi-player action game

Zack Smith's World Fighter

this is a very simple Streat Fighter

STAR - Small-time Asteroids Revival

Yet another Asteroids clone.

Batalla Espacial

Nombre: Batalla Espacial. Nombre Interno: NavesDemo. Lang: Spanish - Español Fecha: 26 Marzo de 2009. Version: 0.1.3 (Demo-Final) Autor: Ricardo D. Quiroga -> L2Radamanthys Email:, Sitio Web: - - Licencia: Este Juego esta bajo la licencia GPL3 para mas info lea el archivo "licence.txt" Descripcion: Simple Demo de un Juego de naves desarrollado en Python usando PyGame... Testeado en: GNU/Linux Distriucion: -Debian -Ubuntu MS. Windows: -98 -2000 -XP No testeado en: -Mac OS -Open BSD -Open Solaris -S60 Requerimientos: Python 2.4.x o superior PyGame 1.7.x o superior Creditos: -Los Sprites pertenecen a la libreria de sprites de Ari Feldman -No recuerdo el dueño de los sonidos que use.. Consideraciones: Esta es posiblemente la primera y ultima version de este juego que es publicada ya que solo cumple el proposito de servir como una demostracion de como programar juegos. Y por que ademas la web esta llena de juegos de este tipo por lo que no veo motivos de continuar su desarrollo.


simple mouse controlled game where you kill the bad guys with a feather using the help of wind strokes.


Language-agnostic framework to run battles of robots


Ardentryst is a free, open-source, cross-platform action/RPG sidescrolling game that is fun for all ages. Follow hero Pyralis, a warrior with fire magic, and heroine Nyx, an ice mage, on a quest through a castle, forests and snowy mountains to reclaim peace in the realm of Ardentryst.

Mario Shell Defense

A Pygame learning experience for me. Simple (very simple) platform game. Mario shoots fireballs at oncoming Koopa shells. Run using


A retro style arcade SHMUP

Diez Dragones

High speed aerial fantasy. Battle to save the apple grove!


A simple blocks game made with python and pygame.

London's Burning!

A game about defending WW2 London from the blitz!
Download for Windows for free

Zoshi's Island

it's a fun game

Mortimer the Lepidopterist

Complete your quest to become the world's greatest butterfly collector!

Ultimate Avalanche 2.0

It's raining icicles again!

One Square at a Time

Avoid the boxes on the map with one single button, space!

Throw Windows

Throw Windows computers throw the windows, and put Ubuntu's ones in the table as fast you can!

(Not decided)

A UNFINISHED (just starting!) 2D RPG

Zack Smith's World Fighter

this is a very simple Streat Fighter

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