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Platformer in which you use spells to attack.

Use spells to attack enemies and defend yourself. So far there's only a flamethrower and leaf shield, but more are planned. Controls are as follows: D and A move left and right, Space jumps, and O and P unleash your attacks. NOTE: This is a VERY early release, so graphics are pretty terrible at the moment. The player is currently a log, but that'll be changed someday if I decide to continue working on it. I ask that you give me LOADS of suggestions on how to make it better. I feel like a lot needs to be improved, but I can't really pinpoint what. Tell me any cool enemy ideas, how I should improve AI, how to improve level design, etc. Any and all criticism is good.



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Wukonop 0.1 a — 14 Oct, 2009 account Comments