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0AI - Artificial Ineptitude - 1.0

pyweek #7 This is a team entry consisting of cami, facundobatista, leito, lucio, Macarse, NicoEchaniz, ricardokirkner.

Carlos Sessa
This is not a fighting game. You, the Master Puppeteer, need to train your padawan. When the training starts, your padawan does not know how to fight. But he's capable of learning. You can fight unlimited rounds with your padawan, and he'll grow stronger and wiser. After you train your padawan, you can send him to fight against your enemies. If your padawan loses, you should train him more. Make him fight with the different enemies, you'll see his strenghts and weaknesses, and you'll be able to train him better.



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0AI - Artificial Ineptitude 1.0 — 16 Sep, 2008 account Comments