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Robot Underground

Action RPG with pleasing graphics and engaging plot!

Lifegame 2d

Lifegame 2d is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life written in Python with the help of Pyglet/OpenGL.

So long - A love story

A pyweek #7 love entry.


Raden's Game Manager library


A simple OpenGL Asteroids clone. Made with pyglet, rabbyt.

0AI - Artificial Ineptitude

pyweek #7 This is a team entry consisting of cami, facundobatista, leito, lucio, Macarse, NicoEchaniz, ricardokirkner.

Juggle Paddle

A simple juggling game/sim/playground/whatever


Gondola is the ultimate shipping, shape sorting, barge unloading game of all time. Get the right shapes to the right places to score.


falling sand game clone

Layer Profiler

The Layer Profiler is an interface to profile a running program in real time, and browse and compare profile data later.


Space shooter in the works utilizing Pyglet and Rabbyt.

Doctor Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid

Build the ultimate aerial squid conveyance!


An open source Python 3D engine using the pyopengl API that uses pygame and pyglet as the game backend.