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Trix - 0.0.2beta

A simple tetris game with difficult levels, combos, and some particle/image effects.

This is a simple tetris game for 1 player only. The rules of the game are very simple: Pieces will be thrown from the top of the board. During the time the piece is falling you can move, rotate or make them fall faster. Once a piece hits something solid it's stop and other piece will be thrown. If there's some horizontal line full this is removed from the board and the pieces above it are pulled down. The objective of the game it's win more points as possible until the pieces hits the limit area, that it's the first line of the board (marked in red).

You'll win points when you place pieces on the board. The less time you think before place the piece, the more points you win. When you break lines you'll win extra points. These extra points are multiplied by the number of lines you break at the same time. Breaking lines sequently it's called "combo" and let you win more extra points.


» Menu controls:
ARROWS: move the cursor in the menu and change option values.
RETURN: select the actual item in the menu.
ESCAPE: Quit/Return to previous screen.

» Game controls:
Note that this controls can be changed in the options menu.
LEFT: move the piece to left.
RIGHT: move the piece to right.
ROTATE: rotate the piece to right.
DOWN: make the piece fall faster.
CTRL + LEFT: rotate the piece to left.
CTRL + RIGHT: rotate the piece to right.
ESCAPE: Quit/Pause the game.


» Graphics in true color with alpha channel
» Background music (with random background music for levels)
» Graphic effects with particles and surfarray
» Sound test
» High scores
» Combo system
» You can add your own music to use in levels, just put it in "bgm" folder



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