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PyTris is your standard tetris clone, with difficulty levels, additional scoring for combos and on-the-fly generated flashy-text-effect. At version 0.9 it's pretty much feature complete, but I might tweak it a bit at some point.


Python implementation of classic tetris game. Nothing redundant just tetris.

Tetris Project

A basic tetris clone, it will be more soon.

Fractal Tetris

A fun tetris game with very pretty mandelbrot fractals for backgrounds.


In this cool puzzle you try to get groupblocks. Very addictive and similar to popular game called Tetris.

Tetris in 73 Lines

Tetris written in 73 lines. Left, right, up rotates, down pushes down, space drops. Game over to quit. :P And yes, the code is obfuscated on purpose. :P Enjoy decoding it =)

Falling Tetrominos

A simple Tetris clone written while on vacation.


A simple tetris game with difficult levels, combos, and some particle/image effects.


My version of Tetris using Pygame


A clone of tetris.


1. Single Mode -- Run tetris.exe 2. Online Mode£šOnly support two players£© 2.1 Server run tetris.exe with£º tetris.exe server 2.2 Client run tetris.exe with£º tetris.exe 192.168.XX.XX

The Cookies Are Falling!

The cookies are falling. Will you be able to stop them?


Pipes meets Tetris,and greets loopZ on the way. Create closed circuits by rotating tiles and placing them on the playfield


Polyominos is a single player clone of the FITS board game.


my first playable tetris-like.


tetris clone in 16 lines


A simple tetris game.


A Tetris clone with options to play classic Tetris, or with five-tile pieces mixed in.


Yet Another Yet Another Tetris Clone!


Wordtris combines classic Tetris with Scrabble/Boggle.


Entris - be quick or be quacked

Entris is a Tetris variant including quacking duck attacks.
Playing online with up to 5 players in one game is possible. The game server is installed at Google App Engine.


Another tetris clone game, aims at simplicity and efficiency.

Double Cross

Unlike your common unilateral falling block games, 'Double Cross' implements a bidirectional paradigm expanding the genre in both dimension and difficulty.


tetris in byte-crunching mode.725 bytes


I made tetris on pygame.


Pytris is a Tetris clone, though coded from scratch using Python 2.7 and Pygame (and many other freeware tools). Pytris can ONLY be played using a gamepad - see FAQ for details. The Game should run on every Windows PC and every Apple Mac. Mac Users must have Pygame installed and play the Game from source. The Game features a 1 Player mode as well as a 2 Player VS mode.

Tetromino (Tetris clone)

A Tetris game, described in "Making Games with Python & Pygame".


My attempt at Tetris.

Dark Tetris

a tetris clone made with python and pygame


Yet another tetris clone. Has a tetromino shadow, which makes it simpler to play quickly. Has some sounds too (created with sfxr).