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A* Pathfinding Algorithm - 2.0

Simple implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm using pygame.

Canio Massimo Tristano
This is a A* pathfinding algorithm demo working with pygame.

Just run the file.

Red cell means it's in the CLOSED list, green in the OPEN list (cells still to check). The numbers in cells are g (the cost), h ( the heuristic) and f ( the total score, f = g + h).

Thanks and enjoy.


A lot of improvements and new features as the possibility to animate the pathfinding algorithm.


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A* Pathfinding Algorithm 1.0 — 10 Jun, 2008

A* Pathfinding Algorithm 2.0 — 11 Jun, 2008

A* Pathfinding Algorithm 2.2 — 8 Jul, 2008 account Comments

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    very good

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    the page isn't working
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