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A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Simple implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm using pygame.


A simple python implementation of the A* (a-star) path finding algorithm. The source contains the algorithm and a simple proof-of-concept example using pygame. The code only implements support for a plain square map but it should be fairly simple to implement support for any map type. If you have any questions regarding this don't hesitate to ask.

Hex stuff

It's an hexagonal map implementation with some nice extras such as pathfinding and heightmap loading.


My implementation of the classic Snake game.

Path Finding

A demo visualizing the execution of various path finding algorithms

Find a Way

A pathfinding demo demonstrating A*

A* pathfinding

A straightforward implementation of a static A* pathfinding algorithm.

Lost the Plot

Generates mazes with a 'Depth first search' algorithm. Then solves them using A*.