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Tetris Project - 0.3d

A basic tetris clone, it will be more soon.

David Ã?hlund
My first attempt to make a tetris game. And first time doing a game in python. Things to do yet: Redo some graphics Will rewrite the keyhandler for more smoother keypressing.


Please send any bugs, crashes or other problems to: 0.3d: Found and fixed the runtime error! Added sound and music. 0.3c: Fixed runtime error. Perhaps. Added runme.bat should use this to start the game. 0.3b: ** EDIT ** I just noticed that this version CAN crash! I will look into it and make new one soon as possible. Added colors! Optimized the mainloop, rendering and timers. 0.2b: Added flashing rows Better collision checking More speed A counting scoreboard Scoresystem with combo multiplier Floating combat text You can now Gameover in the game. Will fix it better soon.


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Tetris Project 0.2b — 30 Dec, 2007

Tetris Project 0.1b — 29 Dec, 2007

Tetris Project 1.1 — 25 Jan, 2008

Tetris Project 0.3e — 23 Jan, 2008

Tetris Project 0.3d — 16 Jan, 2008 account Comments