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Mobius Skies - 0.2

A horizontal shooter.

S Clarke
A horizontal shooter.


- 1 new main level, lvl.1 (the old lvl.1 is now lvl.2)
- 1 new 'endless' level, endless.1 (the old endless.1 is now endless.2)
- Multiplier now pauses between waves. This allows whole levels to be chained. Multiplier maxes out at 8x.
- Beam now changes colour when used at close range. Using the beam at close range causes more damage and pauses the multiplier.
- Period of invincibility after death increased.
- Adjusted speeds of certain blue bullet patterns in lvl.2 to make them (slightly) easier to avoid.
- Increased default size of mixer buffer and added option in config file.
- Added sound toggle in options menu.


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Mobius Skies 0.1 — 26 Feb, 2007

Mobius Skies 0.2 — 30 May, 2007 account Comments