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SpartanOS Ambition - IU 0.6.1 Gamma

Operating Environment with built-in virtual filesystem

SpartanOS Ambition is the third version of the AtlasCorporations Operating Systems. Ambition is the first SpartanOS to have a built-in virtual filesystem, packages, and application development tools. Ambition also is the first downloadable version of the SpartanOS family! This is not a completed project yet :)


About The Filesystem: The filesystem of AtlasOS is one of the greatest accomplishments of AtlasCorporations. It works and acts just like any other filesystem! You can save, read, write, and append to documents that are saved to the filesystem. All of this is done by translating data to strings that represent a Pythonic object or data. For example, images of any kind (that we can open) are translated into a Pygame surface array (basically a list of arrays) and saved to our filesystem as a .psf (Pygame Surface File). When we want to open this file we ask to write, append, or read the file and it returns the data which in turn is evaluated by the Python compiler. We DO NOT execute the data immediately since this is a security issue! We evaluate it and it is turned in to a Python object that we can use and run it from a secure area. If you want more information on how the filesystem works check out the documentation by going to AtlasCorp FileSystem. How to make applications on Ambition: Yes, you read that correctly! You can create games and apps on Ambition (you just have to do a bit of work for us)! All you have to do is make sure you write the program in Python and use the OS provided AGFX package which has just about everything you need. If you are missing something look at the Pygame documentation to see if importing the Pygame package will help. If you still can't find what you are looking for feel free to contact us! The last thing you have to do before it will appear in Ambition is put your program inside the apps folder in your usual filesystem (not the AtlasOS filesystem). The program will be automatically imported then translated to the ACFS and it will be ready to run.


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SpartanOS Ambition IU 0.6.2 Gamma — 19 Nov, 2018

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